When people hear your name, what’s the first thing they think of?

by Bonc on October 4, 2012

First Impression NetworkingThese days, branding yourself is more than just having a good company logo . People often overlook the fact that when someone is looking to attend your event or purchase your product, what they are really doing is buying into you.

So, I can’t stress enough the importance of being the best, authentic you that you can be at all times and making sure that this is in line with your mission, your goals and the vision of your business.

Become an expert in your field and do something that sets you apart so that when people see your name, your specialty is immediate in their mind.

Make sure your business cards, your website reflect you, your expertise, your personality.

Use the most important points that you want to highlight about you in your personal profiles everywhere and be consistent!

It’s o.k for people to know what you do for fun. In fact, I highly recommend it. If you are the intuitive business coach who likes to salsa and refers to herself as a “golf widow”, I’ll most likely remember it.

Most importantly, get clear on who you are and who you want to be. If you get clear on that, then everyone else will be too.

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