It's Starts with a simple "HELLO"

by Bonc on October 4, 2012

Girl Showing Us How To Say HelloI’ve been thinking about the famous scene where Rene Zelleweger turns to Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire and after hearing him pour his heart out says, ” You had me at hello”. Remember that? Gotta love this beautiful scene and testimony of his love for her but it is also, in my mind, a beautiful reminder of the power of HELLO and taking the first step.

Often we find ourselves at events, not knowing what to say, how to approach the strangers in the room so people sit in the back, take copious notes and leave after the event not having connected with the people they need to connect with, not having shared their brilliance with anyone in the room and not having taken a single step forward.

Why not just say HELLO?

It’s simple. It holds no expectations. It’s not a sales proposition. It’s not a marriage proposal. It is a start.

Did the words Tom Cruise said after hello not matter? Of course they did. He poured out his heart and showed her who he really was but had he not come to her and taken those first steps of connecting, there would be no happy ending.

All the coaches, gurus, mentors will tell you to take action, even the smallest, tiniest step forward. It keeps you moving toward your dreams. Lifting your head up from the notebook, turning to the person next to you and making contact in some small way is a tremendous step forward. This could be your next client, a referral partner or a friend for life (Believe me, I have made many in this simple way!)

No need to be quite as dramatic as Tom Cruise. Your life is a different kind of motion picture. No need to overcomplicate. Next time you are out there…. just say HELLO.

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